Contributor: Koeweiden Postma

Contributor: Koeweiden Postma

Contributor: Kristel Kuit


Congratulations to Mark Holtmann, Tessa van der Eem, Chris Wittkampf, and Kristel Kuit! What wonderful submissions to end our competition with: The rise of New Ownership is 'inevitable' and it is time to 'start our engines'! 

Mark Holtmann, Tessa van der Eem and Chris Wittkampf, designers at Koeweiden Postma, were on a roll and sent us two submissions for the Collaborative Campaign Competition. 'Lose the paper' and 'Inevitability'. See what they have to say about their work in relation to the PICNIC Festival 2012 theme "New Ownership: the shift from top down to bottom up".

Lose the paper

One of the benefits of modern technology is not having to use paper: telephone books, calenders, mail, bills, etc., don't have to exist outside of your screen anymore. So why not do the same with a PICNIC poster?


The credit crisis shows the fragility of the monetary system and how much impact global capital markets can have on a single society. Change seems inevitable, but will it be brought about by a system failure or do we as a society create a more durable construction before that happens? If we take this opportunity for change, what are the underlying values, how much financial risk do we see as acceptable, and what do we get in return? If everything collapses, will it be 'business as usual' with a swift rebuild of the house of cards or do we seize the unique chance for a more fundamental rethinking of the system itself? 

Kristel Kuit, Founder and Chief of Headroom Assistance about her submission:

Start your Engines

"Start-up of You" is the idea behind this statement. Talking about the shift from top down to bottom up! More than ever, individuals and groups are empowered to start their own ideas, movements, companies and initiatives. This statement serves as a tribute to them and will hopefully inspire others to also start their engines – NOW!"

People, we salute you! We have enjoyed every submission and look forward to seeing you at PICNIC Festival 2012. For the full overview of all submissions, please visit our Flikr page.



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