Contributor: Lena Steinborn

Contributor: Keefe Cordeiro


Congratulations to this month's winning contributions to the PICNIC Collaborative Campaign Competitioin: Lena Steinborn and Keefe Cordeiro! 

Lena Steinborn, Designer at Proof Studio, says this about her work: 

"We live in a world where consumers demand more from an organization than just a product or a service. Consumers like to do business with companies they appreciate, with whom they feel aligned. But that trust does not come naturally. To build lasting relationships takes time. Due to technology, everything and everybody is connected: consumers use the internet 24/7 with their smart phones and social media gives them a voice to express their opinions and experiences. In fact, research shows that consumers perceive peer-to-peer reviews as more reliable than traditional marketing campaigns. That's a big shift in the balance of power. You can invent the best marketing campaigns, but if those promises do not correspond with the daily operations of the organization, nobody will believe you anymore. ‘Spread the word’ stands for ‘let the truth be heard' and 'tell other people'. By replacing the letter ‘D’ by the letter 'K' (‘Spread the work’), we imply that building trust always begins internally in organizations by the way employees do their work. Respect can only be commanded if you're authentic: show, don’t tell."

If you're interested in exploring strategies to connect with customers, don't miss AKQA's workshop during PICNIC Festival 2012 called "Product Invention: Rethinking Capabilities in a World Gone Digital". 

Keefe Cordeiro, Independant Creative Project Manager and blogger, is short and succinct about his contribution:

"Whether you are a J@ames, Su7anne or &nthony, you can always be a part of something awesome!"

Wonderful to see that so many people have been inspired to contribute to our 'New Ownership' Campaign. We have two more weeks to go before the competition ends, so get designing! Download the instructions here.



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