PICNIC is so much more than your average conference, it's a festival! Want to find out what happened at PICNIC Festival 2011?Take a look at last year's program and the festival map, or keep reading to find out what sets PICNIC apart  from other events.


To get a good overview of PICNIC '11 take a look at these videos made by RTL Short Form Lab and Labkultur.tv.

Videos by RTL Short Form Lab

Highlights Day 1


Highlights Day 2


Highlights Day 3

Videos by Labkultur.tv

PICNIC '11: Not trying to save the world, but trying to contribute a little bit to that:

Urban future via digital life

Urban Future – what does the future of cities look like?
Saskia Sassen and Charles Landry at PICNIC11

Urban Future 2 – How can we govern tomorrow's urban space?
At PICNIC 11 urbanists developed solutions


The Open Data movement at PICNIC
Who owns the public data for a better city?

A really rich programme and the smartest, most lively people in Europe in one place. --David Rowan, editor in chief, WIRED Magazine (UK)

Poster by Hans Blaas and Eddo Hartmann. PICNIC invited international designers and agencies to create original posters for PICNIC Festival 2011 with this year's theme as inspiration. Browse the PICNIC Poster Project.