Well, maybe not your all your problems. To be more specific, they want to hear about the problems, challenges and issues your organization faces in the area of e-culture.

Virtueel Platform wants to hear about your problems!...

For the fifth time, Virtueel Platform will be hosting the HOT100 sessions at the PICNIC Festival 2011 (14-16 Sept).  HOT100 is a full day of lectures, masterclasses, workshops and networking opportunities for the most talented alumni from e-culture programs across the Netherlands.

Share your challenges or issues related to e-culture

Starting now, Virtueel Platform is asking creative companies, cultural organizations, educational institutes and other organizations to submit their question or problem related to  e-culture to the crème de la crème of the Netherlands’ e-culture alumni. Got a challenge you’d like help solving? Submit your issue to Klaas or Merel at Virtueel Platform by 11 July. You’ll hear within two weeks whether or not your issue was selected.

What do you get in return?

If your issue is selected, Virtueel Platform will arrange a free “pressure cooker” workshop of  about three hours where a team of HOT100s will tackle your challenge. You can’t expect a complete solution, but we do guarantee useful feedback, a fresh look at your issues and some brilliant new ideas. Not to mention a network of bright young minds with promising futures!

Last year, the challenges came from organizations like NRC, the Netherlands Uitburo and the City of Eindhoven, among others. For more information about past HOT100 workshops, visit www.virtueelplatform.nl/hot100.