Take a boat trip, spend more time with our speakers, and learn about the IJ’s unique ecosystem during the floating interviews at PICNIC Festival 2011, hosted by our partner Evident. Keep reading to find out how you can join!

Urban Escape floating interviews: brought to you by Evident...
On Friday, 16 September, we’ve got something special in store just for PICNIC Festival attendees and press. We’ve partnered with Evident to bring you URBAN ESCAPE, a series of 5 floating interview tours on the boat IJveer XIII.

Starting at 11:00, they’ll be departing every hour on the hour from the PICNIC Festival venue at NDSM. The last trip leaves at 15:00.

The tours will kick-off with a brief introduction on the unique ecosystem of the IJ waterway. We’ll show you how this historical waterway connected the ports of South East Asia and the Americas to the Netherlands, and contributed to the biodiversity of the area right in front of the PICNIC City. This will be followed by casual interviews with 2 or more PICNIC Festival speakers or special guests. The interviews will be led by Evident, looking at the connection between online communications and our urban futures, among other topics. The interviews will also feature questions from the audience – you’re invited to throw your questions in a hat before you board, or share them with Evident in advance on Twitter: @evident.

Happily, the boat includes a fully covered seating area. So come rain or shine, you’re guaranteed to have a great time!

Confirmed speakers for each floating interview session include:



  • Marcus Kirsch, Creative Technologist & New Business Strategist
  • Ian Schulte, Director of Technology & Business Development at Latitude




  • Bonnie Shaw, Director of Social Innovation at iStrategyLabs
  • Jake Barton, Founder & Principle at Local Projects

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To attend one of the URBAN ESCAPE floating interviews, simply go to the departure point on Friday 16 September (PICNIC Festival venue, waterfront area) and pick up a free boarding pass.

For questions, ideas, information or an early-bird spot on the guest list, please contact Gijs Garcia Bogaards (+31 (0)610 912 070 or garcia[at]evident.nl).

Please note: This one-of-a-kind experience is only open to attendees of PICNIC Festival 2011 with a passé-partout ticket or a Friday 1-day ticket. Don’t have a ticket yet? Get yours today!