Maiden trip of the iamoneworld solar mobile

Photographer: Frank Groeliken

Photographer: Frank Groeliken


About iamoneworld

iamoneworld (I am one world) originated from a dream of artist Ingrid van den Boogaard (the Netherlands). As a creative explorer, she is mapping the world in a co-created solar powered vehicle. Twelve solar panels and 17 batteries deliver the energy to drive, live and work. The vehicle has a maximum speed of 25 km or 14 mph. Goals of this cross media project are to inspire people to realize their dreams and increase the realization of oneness. On- and off line content like photography, video, books, music, blogs, eZine, presentations and a traveling exhibition are being used to spread this idea.

iamoneworld is an innovative, creative and sustainable project. Hybrid funding, by means of crowd funding, co- creation and entrepreneurship is deployed to realize the project.

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