New Ownership: the shift from top down to bottom up

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New Ownership: The Shift from Top Down to Bottom Up

“We live at a moment when the entire structure of power that held the world together is now disintegrating. And this is happening at every level of society.”

Citing Alvin Toffler's 1990 book "The Powershift", PICNIC is focusing on how connected technology is empowering people to drive change on a personal, business and global scale. While the Internet has increased our knowledge of issues we care about and social media is providing us with a sense of agency, a new notion of ownership has emerged.

This mega trend unfolds against a backdrop of rapidly declining trust in the traditional institutions and businesses that held our world together, including governments, financial institutions, health care and education. People are taking matters back into their own hands, resulting in iconic examples of self-organization like the Arab Spring uprisings and Occupy, but also the growing demand for transparency as persued through open government, democracy3.0 and the intensifying privacy debate in the battle for data.

Civilians in Greece, UK and France are bypassing financial institutions by setting up local barter economies. Small businesses directly address their target groups for donations through crowd funding platforms. DIY culture is emerging everywhere we look: from the quantified self-movement in health care, to the growing popularity of open design and DIY production platforms. And the number of amateur content production and distribution platforms will only continue to explode (and disrupt) further.

PICNIC will investigate, together with its partners and friends, what New Ownership means and what new opportunities it offers for our personal lives, society, business and planet.