This year at PICNIC Festival 2011 we’re building a city around the theme Urban Futures. But what defines a city? It’s made up of so many unique elements, including the rich visuals you find on the streets. With this in mind, our creative director Marcel Kampman introduced the PICNIC Poster Project.

The PICNIC Poster Project...

He invited leading designers and agencies from our international networks to make artwork for us in the form of posters. We’ll be using these powerful visuals in a variety of ways, from promotion online and offline to physical and screen-based applications at the festival itself. The variety of images will help us create a diverse and eclectic atmosphere – just like you’d find in a real city.

Please take a moment to look at the amazing contributions we’ve received so far!

We’d like to extend a special thank you to Ben Lambers of Studio Aandacht, Chris van Diemen of Taken by Storm, Karim Cherif and Liam Aelmans of United 135, Jonathan Looman of Studio Lowman, Ralston & Bau of Transplant, Paul O’Connell of Nephronim and Saskia Pouwels of Studio Dumbar for their hard work and impressive submissions.

If you would like to contribute to the visual identity of the PICNIC Festival, please email Marcel Kampman for more details.


Photo credit: Karim Cherif, United 135

Explore the entire poster series in this gallery.