The Marketplace: In the middle of the action...
Whenever our beloved attendees got a chill yesterday during a windy afternoon, they could find friends and fire up conversations in the middle of our city under construction. This is where we set up The Marketplace, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Syntens. It's warm and cosy and full of entrepreneurs, with a variety of 25 growing companies each day, just waiting to talk to whomever wants to hear their story.

The guys of were one of the innovators to kick off the first day. They are using matching principles of online dating to allow like-minded people to group around shared housing needs. Why? So you can basicly design your perfect dream house. Sounds great right?

The market will be filled again Thursday and Friday with more amazing business ideas and friendly people. For example, Martijn van Jole from Sense Company, whose business is organising an event for deaf people that will awaken their senses with vibration and fragrance.

Want to know the whole story? Grab your morning coffee and find out for yourself. Special prizes and social gatherings guaranteed!

Learn more about who is particiating on Thursday and Friday.