Learn how international entrepreneurs in Amsterdam are building an ecosystem to support our technology-driven future.

Taking engineers to be Mother Nature's "finest algorhthym" who have "the power to create and destory with intelligence and empathy", Mike Lee, engineer and Mayor of Appsterdam, takes out 20 minutes at PICNIC Festival 2012 to solve the world's problems.

Wanting to be his own man and to operate free from geographical contsraints, Mike traveled the world only to realise that he had come from the only real technology ecosystem in the world, Silicon Valley. Which left only one solution: he needed to make his own ecosystem. Together with a number of international entrepreneurs, who turned their talents toward metaengineering on a macro scale, he is building Appsterdam, an open data community or ecosystem that will support the companies that will bring the future. 

"We only need one simple realisation that will help us build the future and save the world." Curious? Watch Mike Lee at PICNIC Festival 2012 and read about what was happening at the App Eco System tent on Day 1 and Day 2.



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