Thanks to the hundreds of 2012 Festival participants who took the time to share their opinions. Read a short summary of their responses.

2012 Festival Survey Results...

- Majority of participants continue to work in the creative industries: mostly in technology, media, agencies, artists and designers

- Number of professionals responsible for innovation and strategy development jumped by 21%

- Almost 50% of participants work for a start up or SME

- Most international participants came from UK, Germany, France, Brazil and Spain

- Most participants attended PICNIC for ideas and inspiration, followed by business opportunities, social innovation opportunities, career and professional development and personal growth

- Of those who came to PICNIC primarily for business opportunities, most said the most immediate benefits were related to developing new partnerships, generating sales leads, connecting with talent and spotting new technology and networking

- Most highly rated speakers: Tim O’Reilly (one of the founders of the open source movement), George Dyson (technology historian and philosopher), Mike Lee (initiator of Appsterdam), Daan Roosegaarde (artist and crossover maverick)

And most importantly,

- 90% would recommend the Festival to their colleagues, friends and network!

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Re: 2012 Festival Survey Results

These participants have discussed their wonderful ideas in this festivals. There were many opportunities which I liked here.

over 1 year ago

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