Contributor: Rody Luton

Don't miss the PICNIC Festival 2012 'Sharing as Design Challenge' workshop. Michiel Schwarz, co-creator of the 'Sustainist Manifesto', and Diana Krabbendam, Director of The Beach, will host this workshop on how to bring shareable assets into your design and innovation processes..

What 'new ownership' trend will your session explore? Why is this trend important?

Sharing. The rise of sharing-based initiatives strikes at the heart of the ‘New Ownership’ trend. Sharing as a guiding quality — in services, media, products, places and information — has fuelled the shift towards ‘collaborative consumption’ and open source innovations. But how can we actually design for sharing? How can we bring shareable assets into our design and innovation processes? We need to find new design approaches and tools — we call them ‘sustainist’ — to make sharing part of our design briefs. 

What will participants do during your session? prototype, brainstorm, concept, etc.

We look at sharing as a design challenge and apply sustainist ideas to design innovation. Participants will explore what it means to design ‘shareable’ features into their activities. In brief design sessions, they will work towards conceptual prototypes where sharing and collaboration are made into the defining qualities in a service, product or place-based activity. Visualisations will be made of the conceptual (sustainist) designs.

What will participants learn from your session which they can use in their professional and/or personal lives.

They will take home a ‘sustainist’ perspective on design and innovation, whereby sharing becomes a qualitative asset. This perspective illuminates the innovative power of ‘value-driven’ and participatory design processes. It gives us new concepts for social design and innovation that can be applied in different domains — business practices, social innovation, media architectures, urban planning, education

Read more about the Sharing as Design Challenge workshop and the hosts Michiel Schwarz author or the 'Sustainist Manifesto' and Diana Krabbendam and Bas Ruyssenaars of the Beach.



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