PICNICers head over to NEMO to explore Transnatural Festival's "The State of Automony" exhibition...

Report from OFF PICNIC: Transnatural Exhibition...

From strawberry plants to talking goldfish and dancing micro-organisms organic materials play the starring role in nearly all the displays at Transnatural’s “The State of Autonomy” exhibition at Science Centre NEMO, part of OFF PICNIC.

Even installations processing real time social media content (including Res Sapiens, Transparency Grenade, Wilderness Downtown) appear to be living ecosystems themselves.

Always balancing nature and technology, this year’s Transnatural Festival focuses on the theme The State of Autonomy. It’s an eclectic mix of national and international artists exploring new ways of harvesting energy, food and smart, innovative materials.

It’s a theme that is clearly linked to New Ownership, according to Transnatural’s Managing and Creative Director Arjen Bangma:

“A lot of installations here show how people are taking back control over production processes and thereby over their environment as well. The economic system of global corporations, which had a monopoly over the production and distribution of food and other materials, has obviously collapsed. Prices have increased and urban spaces have lost their appeal because of the decline in economic activity. As a reaction, people started initiatives to generate their own resources locally, often using new technologies that are now widely available and easy to use. The results are eco-friendlier and cheaper as well.”

Contributed by Suze Krijnen



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