OFF PICNIC heads over to the Temporary Museum in the Overhoeks tower to see what kind of creativity they've got up their sleeves...

Report from OFF PICNIC: Temporary Museum...

Marcia Nolte of We Make Carpets hosts a kid-friendly OFF PICNIC event to promote sustainability on a new level at the Temporary Museum.

Formerly a part of 60 Layers of Cake Foundation, this mobile museum continues to re-imagine urban landscapes in development, making use of the the 1.3 million square meter Shell building that has been vacant for nearly two years.

Focused on waste management and energy sustainability, the Museum uses human imagination and originality to approaching this century's most critical issues.

Located just a few feet away from PICNIC Festival and the EYE Film Institute, the museum makes for a great stop for ages four and up. The entrance is €2.50 or a donation or three empty plastic bottles.

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