During an OpenCoop event in the Tolhuistuin on Sunday 16 September, DUS Architects officially opened and celebrated the world’s largest moveable 3D printing pavilion the KamerMaker (Room Builder).

Report from OFF PICNIC: KamerMaker launch...

Hedwig Heinsman co-founder of DUS Architects, explains that they got inspired by the Amsterdamse Stroom - an art movement where different forms of art come together, where the governmental and private sectors work together finding solutions. She says, “We want to create a new Amsterdamse Stroom, arts should work together.” They dreamed about the question of how to make actual architecture using the printer. Making ornaments and parts of buildings in a completely new way. This is how they got inspired by the idea of a pavilion printing a pavilion. Their next goal is now to build an entire canal house!

Alderwoman for culture and sports, Carolien Gehrels, introduced the KamerMaker and placed the first glow-in-the-dark printed windmill on the pavilion. The coming weeks OpenCoop is building the whole pavilion full of glow-in-the-dark printed objects. It will show the evolution of the windmill and the pilot.

People from all ages visited the venue and could see ten ‘small’ 3D printers printing random objects around the KamerMaker. Lots of enthusiastic children easily drew something on an iPad, and got their new printed object in ten minutes.

One of the owners of an Ultimaker told about her class building the Ultimaker 3D printer themselves. She promoted the printer at the venue hoping other schools would also integrate this in their teaching methods. She explained it has a great educational value for the kids making the printers themselves, understanding the way it is built instead of just sitting behind a computer.

In September, the KamerMaker is open to the public and everyone can watch the testing of the printing techniques and help the building process of the KamerMaker.

Contributed by Roos van de Weerd



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