FIBER, the Amsterdam-based audiovisual festival, was invited by the Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk) to curate an exhibition that reflects current artistic developments within their network of up-and-coming artists and designers.

Report from OFF PICNIC: (Im)possible Worlds at NIMk...
The result is (Im)possible Worlds, which includes installations by up-and-coming artists portraying new realities by combining the material, virtual and digital worlds.

The five installations on display blend the physical real with the virtual nature of the computerized world. They tried to create new realities that might be perceived as material, but in the end it stay intangible.

This exhibition can not exist without its visitors. You enter the exhibition and you simply follow the creative green shapes placed on all surfaces. Sometimes it takes a while before you see and understand what is really happening. In one room you'll find a wall with boxes which all have small video projections of people. You walk around and look around and after a while you recognize yourself in several of the boxes.. .And you realize you have been filmed while you were in the room. This invokes a variety of interactions as people respond to the content that's been created. 

Another hypnotizing ''sculpture'' is a dark room with lighted ropes (Repetition at My Distance by Gabey Tjon A Tham). The ropes are twisted at the top to create a variety of different shapes. Combined with the music playing in the background, this room is almost frightening to be in. At the same time it is beautiful to see the natural waves of the ropes.

They have also developed different artistic apps for the iPad that let you play with all kind of shapes and music. One app gives you the possibility to influence music while touching the graphics on the screen.

In the last room they only provide sound and omit any visuals. You are simply surrounded by several speakers which make strange noises, leading to more questions than answers.

(Im)possible Worlds at NIMk is open through 28 September.

Contributed by Floor Hickmann



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