OFF PICNIC heads to ARCAM for the launch of CITIES the magazine #2

Report from OFF PICNIC: CITIES #2...

Photo by Ute Brinkmeier

The presentation of CITIES The Magazine #2 saw attendees gathered around an iPad in the basement of ARCAM Architecture Center. Themed 'Emerging Cities', the magazine will be launched exclusively as an app.

A draft version was made available for visitors of this special evetn. The creators asked participants for their comments and critical feedback, since it is the first time that CITIES is developing an interactive interface and they want it to be as user-friendly as possible.

Emerging Cities is not so much about theoretical urban planning as it is about urban users 'owning' their living space. And in terms of new urban ownership, the citizens of Amsterdam appear to be doing a good job. Several of the 23 articles the magazine features focus on initiatives in PICNIC's home town. Two examples include the NDSM Wharf, where former warehouses are finding new uses, and the Noorderpark-bar that two neighbours realized with the help of crowdfunding and Marktplaats.

Another case highlights 'Do It Yourself Urbanism' in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Citizens respond to more controlled, less empowering, or less environmentally friendly surroundings by making small-scale improvements, like sparking a local bike mapping movement.

Several coincidental passers-by were cordially invited to attend the magazine launch. “The magazine is targeted not only at architects and urban planners, but at the next generation who likes to explore different cities and experience different realities”, CITIES Managing Director Francesca Miazzo explained.

In November CITIES The Magazine #2 will be available for download for free on ISSUU publishing platform and iTunes.

Contributed by Suze Krijnen



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