The 2 o'clock boat was honoured with Architect Matthias Hollwich and Frog's Creative Director Mark Rolston.

What did they talk about? Matthias enlightened us with a logical yet neglected question: We plan our pensions, but what will we do the last three years of our lives? Many people actually spend these in a shared room with three or four other people. Fun? Not really. That's why we have to rethink and restructure our lives and make the city fit for the future to make the last years count as the best. 

Quotes from the boat on this topic:

Mark: "When you are young no one tells you that when you grow up you're the same person as when you where young, only with more experience... I hope that when I'm 80 *fingers crossed* I will be the same."

Matthias: "The 70 and 80 year olds don't want to see the people who are 90." Mark: "Yeah, because they're old!"

Some minutes later the discussion went on to open data and the way we use the internet. On this Mark reflected on the bridge between people and data. That data has to become available now, and by gesture. So we don't have to go to our computer to get to the data. We need to think of a total new concept of user experience in this case.

Mark: "What is the gesture in space to go to the next screen, if there is no screen? I've got to figure that out."