The PICNIC Innovation Mash Up will be a one-day, active learning event focused on “how”: how businesses in traditional sectors can successfully apply top innovation processes used by Dutch and international creative industry professionals to launch new products and services, connect with customers and grow.

PICNIC Innovation Mash Up...

PICNIC Innovation Mash Up.  May 15, 2012, Amsterdam. Learn. Experience. Collaborate.

Featured processes include open innovation, design thinking, co-creation, crowdsourcing, and open design.

PICNIC’s twist: creative industry experts will lead the event, coaching, collaborating and contributing valuable expertise, ideas and feedback.

Because it is PICNIC, the event will include unexpected twists, active matchmaking and social activities.

Who Should Attend

The Innovation Mash Up event is for anyone who is driving creativity and innovation processes within their companies or organizations. The event will attract a multidisciplinary crowd representing the creative industries, business, non profits, government, higher education and science and technology.

We welcome professionals from a wide range of fields, including but not limited to technology, design, life sciences, financial services, logistics, food and agriculture, entertainment and communications and branding.



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