Our urban future, and perhaps our society as a whole, rests on our ability to live sustainably. Find out what’s in store at PICNIC Festival 2011 with a focus on sustainability.

PICNIC Festival sub-theme spotlight: Sustainability...

What does sustainability really mean? Recently, it’s become synonymous with “green”. But it goes far beyond that. Sustainability refers to the ability to maintain something at a certain rate or level, or to find an ecological balance without depleting (natural) resources. Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword. It’s a necessity that makes sense for our urban futures, and increasingly, it makes good business and economic sense as well. Have a look at few of the speakers and sessions at PICNIC Festival 2011 that put sustainability in the spotlight.

Speakers looking at sustainable solutions for our future:
  • Benoit Jacob of BWM i looks at mobility concepts for the future
  • Creative entrepreneur Joost Bakker talks about self-sustaining buildings (and restaurants) that grow food
  • William McDonough of "Cradle to Cradle" fame kicks off the Green Challenge award ceremony
  • Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) Director Maarten Hajer makes suggestions for governing a clean economy
  • Matthias Hollwich of Hollwich Kushner (HWKN) shares his vision of a sustainable society for our aging population
  •  Buzzcar founder & CEO Robin Chase gives us options for more sustainable transportation
Workshops & labs featuring sustainable ideas:
Green Challenge

The National Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is the most anticipated sustainable competition at PICNIC Festival! Each year, they award € 500,000 to the person with the best green business idea. Don't miss these Green Challenge sessions:

Poster by Ralston & Bau