After launching his interactive art installation CRYSTAL on Monday, Daan Roosegaarde returned to PICNIC Festival on Tuesday for the Ownership in Culture panel.

PICNIC Festival Day 2: Ownership in Culture...

Photo credit: Maurice Mikkers

Self-proclaimed “hippie with a business plan”, Daan Roosegaarde shared more of his insights on ‘Ownership in Culture’ and his project CRYSTAL launched at PICNIC Festival 2012.

Roosegaarde states that as an artist you need to be half priest, half entrepreneur. This means that on the one side most artists want to make a connection with the audience and on the other side they need to make a connection that creates value. That is the difference between hard and soft capital. Roosegaarde explains this balance is not always equal: sometimes you have to commission yourself, even when you’re short of money, because it results in media exposure. “This in effect generates hard capital because people call asking us to work for them.”

As a new way of working, Roosegaarde believes you need to be open to share and to co-own your project. The project will then take on a life of its own. His latest project, CRYSTAL, was built on this philosophy. The LED-infused crystals in his installation are open for sharing or even to steal -- it’s a new way of engaging with your audience.

Contributed by Hortense Koster



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