On day 2, the Crossover Marketplace is still hopping! Meet a few of the participants showing off their innovative business ideas:

PICNIC Festival Day 2: Meet a few Crossover Marketplace participants...

Photo by Maurice Mikkers


Muzus is a young user-centered design agency which focuses on the latent needs of users. At the Crossover Marketplace they showed one case to illustrate how they serve their clients: they were faced with the problem that elderly don't use public transport very often. They started to do context mapping with the elderly and set up a brainstorm with all stakeholders: the bus driver, the elderly and their families. Since not all people are very good at visualizing their idea there was also a visualizer in this process. Such a process shows that certain concerns and issues aren't very obvious and sometimes ''hidden'' in people, and therefore important to investigate.

LEAPS innovation

Leaps is a design-driven innovation firm based in Amsterdam. At the Crossover Marketplace they explained their sustainable amusement parK. They won a competition with their idea to use 3.6 hectares at Zeeburgeiland as a sustainable playground. Sustainable vehicles and projects can be used and tested, like biogas applications and smarter windmills. Their own vehicle is a beach-sailing car which can reach 80 km/h. At the Marketplace, they are looking for people to join their playground.

Lost in Time

Lost in Time is a new way for inhabitants of cities with historical value to experience the relics of history. Using an iPad game, players can experience historical events such as the collapse of the Dom church of Utrecht, alongside fictional characters who bring these events to life! The game is playable by individuals, but Dutch tourist agencies also organise group trips using the game. Lost in Time is launching in two weeks at the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht!

Contributed by Floor Hickmann & Bob Balm



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