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Tracking when you have a seizure, providing a warning to others when you feel a seizure coming, or tracking your whereabouts via a GPS function and sharing your diary with your doctor -- the ‘Eppy’ app is a lifesaver for those struggling with epilepsy. Increasingly, health IT (mHealth and eHealth) is catching up to our (mobile) life  -- making it possible to access your healthcare information, anytime and anywhere.

Health IT focuses on the intersection of healthcare, new media and innovative technology. Although health IT has many advantages, one of the major concerns patients have about sharing information via apps is privacy. Most of the time, patients are not sure who can access shared data and believe insurance companies can misuse this information. This is where quantified-self apps can make a difference. The benefit of quantified-self apps in comparison to sharing information with your doctor is the ownership of your data. When tracking your health via a quantified-self-app, you can decide what to do with this data. But do patients really feel the need to use an extensive app and share their health data? As one patients puts it: “The best health app is an application which sends you a reminder to the a day before you have an appointment with the doctor.“

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