Media Wisdom 2024 was one of the first events of the day at PICNIC Festival 2012. Here's a quick recap, as many of us were surprised to find out it was only in Dutch!

PICNIC Festival Day 1: Media Wisdom 2024...

Image source: Media Summit

Paul Römer, media mogul and General Manager of NTR, shared his vision on Media Wisdom 2024 in one of the fully booked cinema's at the Eye Film Institute during Picnic 2012 . During his presentation, he discussed 3 future developments of media and technology he touched upon during his global travels:

1. Everything can be made ​​into a screen.

2. Everything is 3G.

3. All the memory of ‘the world’ will fit in a computer

Römer envisions that these developments will result in a multi-screen society including unlimited access and unlimited speed of information.

As such, media users will increasingly need to be media literate. Previously users accessed information from newspapers, TV or radio. It was clear who the source of information and who point of view, Nowadays the source of information and filter is more difficult to find.

Therefore, Römer states that we must teach our children to filter the abundance of information, and teach them to determine what is true and what is relevant.

Contributed by Hortense Koster


Re: PICNIC Festival Day 1: Media Wisdom 2024

Surprisingly everything about this event was and is in English and the event itself was in Dutch! So, after flying over from Ireland, my day started with an event which I didn't understand a word of it! Nice start!

about 2 years ago

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