Take bio out of the lab and into your home! It's your turn to put your bio-hacking skills to work with this brand new competition!

PICNIC Festival Day 1: GOODIY bio competition launched...

After several speakers from the DIY bio community shared their vision on DIY biotech, DIY biological engineer Cathal Garvey ended the session with the call for DIY’ers to organize themselves and present a united face to the world, with the message: "We’re not the bad guys!".  At the end of the session Pieter van Boheemen, launched the GOODIY competition:

"All around the world in old warehouses, garages and even spare bedrooms groups of so-called biohackers are revolutionizing biotechnology. This high-tech discipline, long regarded as the exclusive playing field of universities and big corporations, is now made accessible by a new generation of amateur scientists. Although still modestly named “Do It Yourself (DIY) Bio”, the adopted open co-development approach catalyzes its progresses and reach. Results are shared in community labs, hackerspaces and online discussion groups, contributing to a growing need for a real life forum."

What's GooDIY Bio?

  • It’s Global: everybody is invited to participate, and that means everybody!.
  • It’s Official, participation within safe rules and operate legal.
  • It’s Open: one of the main goals of the competion is making BioTechnology more accesible and it hopes that by sharing more people become DIY Biologists.

DIY’ers can participate in four categories:

Culturing & Chassis
Enable DIY biologists to use safe and suitable organisms, ranging from single bacteria to full bioreactors or even more advanced life forms. Bring DIY bio to life!

Detection & Diagnostics
Share methods and tools to analyze biology. You choose what kind of detector you build. Detection of (bio)chemicals, organisms, fluorescence, gravity... there's really a lot to measure out there!

Hack hardware, software or 'wetware' to put it to use in citizen science. Craft DIY bio tools out of every-day items.

Design and make new utilities to produce something of value. Letting the bugs in your bioreactor do this for you also counts.

For this competition its one thing matters: the best reproducible project wins!

Registration is open up now! So don’t hesistate to participate!




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