The Marketplace is one of the highlights each year, but this year we've turned it into the Crossover Marketplace!

PICNIC Festival Day 1: Crossover Marketplace...
Small, innovative companies from the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom offer products and services related to sectors: technology, agriculture, utilities, energy, manufacturing, healthcare and life sciences.

Pokket Mixer

First up, the Pokket Mixer! It's a pocket-size mixer for connecting two music players, so you can start a professional dance party on the fly. This is of course a great tie-in to New Ownership, the theme of this year's PICNIC Festival: you don't need a professional DJ to spice up your parties, you can take control yourself! The best thing? It doesn't require it's own power source!


Another great project is QuizTrail. This platform allows museums to have an interactive map tailor-made in the style of their venue. The app features themed quizzes about the art on display, complete with maps and interactive assignments to complete. Answering questions correctly earns you points, and these points allow you to pick up free goodies at the museum store.

Toogethr - Martin Voorzanger

With the ever-rising gasoline prices, the new app Toogethr might inspire you to find alternatives for getting around. Toogethr is a car pooling and ride-sharing app aimed at stimulating people to ride together. It’s linking of supply and demand and allows the driver to choose whether he/she wants to receive to be reimbursed for the ride. Toogethr then handles the payments automatically for you.

Yoi - Annouk Post

Would you like to foster innovation through applying sustainable practices in your company? Annouk Post of YOI, can help you find your companie's sustainable potential. Through inspirational presentations, creative workshops and projects, YOI co-navigates a route to your own identity (YOI) in a bright future.

Contributed by Hortense Koster & Bob Balm



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