Contributor: Marcel Kampman

Contributor: Bart Hoekstra

Contributor: Robert Lagendijk

Contributor: Koen Hoogewoning


Want to make a contribution to our 2012 campaign? Check out the PICNIC Collaborative Campaign Kit to see how you can make an ad, poster or banner for PICNIC '12! 

Another year, another PICNIC Festival. This year, the central theme of the festival is 'New Ownership: the shift from top down to bottom up'.

PICNIC will investigate, together with its partners and friends, what 'New Ownership' means and what new opportunities it offers for our personal lives, society, business and planet. And, for making campaigns....

You are all invited to make a contribution to our 2012 campaign. Want to know how? Download the PICNIC Festival 2012 Collaborative Campaign Kit and find instructions and the necessary materials, so you too can make our next ad, or poster, or banner. Every week until September 1, 2012, we will select one submission that stands out. The creator will receive a 2-day, PICNIC Festival 2012 pass! For free! Niceness!

Not sure what we mean yet? Than have a look at the hand-made, caring-for-green one that our good PICNIC friend Bart Hoekstra has made. And you will get the idea. We would love to see what you come up with. And by no means let yourself be limited in any way. The crazier, the better. And when you send us the product of your imagination, also share why you made what you made. Of course you will get full credit for your contribution when it is used in a PICNIC item.

As we select a new winner every week, there is not only 1 deadline. So do your thing when you have time. Like that micro break to stretch your arms after making the deadline for your client. Or your lunch break. Or that moment you stare out of your window and realize that your window can also be a broadcast facility to the world. Take one of those moments (or any other you fancy) to use this opportunity to claim your moment and make a statement inspired by our theme 'New Ownership'.



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