It might be the middle of the Dutch builder’s vacation period, but that isn’t stopping PICNIC from making big construction plans! Partners are in place, permits have been requested, and plans are underway to create the PICNIC City at the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam from 14 to 16 September 2011.

PICNIC builds city at NDSM with BAM...

Mock-up design of the PICNIC City at NDSM wharf

Relying on the construction experts

In the collaborative spirit of PICNIC, the city will be a joint production with a variety of partners. And when you’re building a city, you look to the best in the construction business. This year, PICNIC is partnering with European construction firm BAM to create a “green city” in more ways than one. The PICNIC City will be composed of a variety of structures using re-purposed materials from BAM, in the company’s classic green color. Prior to PICNIC Festival, BAM will put their logistical talents to work, transporting the building materials in a huge convoy from their plant yard in Kesteren.

Read the full press release about this year's festival decor and our partnership with BAM.