Marketplace Highlight Day 2: OAT- Shoes that Bloom...

At the Marketplace there are many cool companies that blow you away with amazement.

One of these companies is OAT. To put it mildly OAT makes very good shoes. Not only do the look nice, they are also biodegradable. OAT Shoes are shoes that bloom. Literally. To quote from the website: "You can bury our nifty sneakers after they're worn down, water regularly and watch flowers bloom from your old kicks!"

A shoe tree? No, don't be ridiculous. OAT shoes have seeds in the soles of the shoes. And as all the materials will be broken-down by mother nature when you're done with them, the seeds will be all that's left and grow into a lovely tree.

One of the OAT founders, Dirk-Jan Oudshoorn enthusiastically tells us about the shoes, the processes he and his partner Christiaan Maats have gone through in the past three years, and the path they're walking on to expand into Scandinavia. Meanwhile we can't stop raving about the new leather models that are sneak-peaked here at PICNIC. And yup, the leather will be the first certified biodegradable leather in the world. 

PICNIC's advice: check out the website and order a pair! Don't say we didn't tell you so.

Go to the OAT Shoes website