Nationale Postcode Loterij...

The Dutch Postcode Lottery was founded in 1989 to support charitable causes. Today, 2.5 million people in the Netherlands play the lottery each year. Each month, they vie for an average 500,000 prizes. At the same time, they're supporting good causes, since half the ticket price goes to 85 charitable organisations. Since its founding, the Postcode Lottery has donated more than €3.5 billion to charities helping people and nature. UNICEF, WWF, Amnesty International, Natuurmonumenten, Doctors Without Borders and many other organisations receive its support each year.

Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2012

For the sixth consecutive year the Dutch Postcode Lottery is challenging people around the world to develop sustainable, creative and innovative business plans. The winner of the annual Postcode Lottery Green Challenge will receive €500,000 to realise his or her green business plan. There are also two runner-up prizes available of € 100,000 each. With its international competition, the Postcode Lottery seeks to help smart green products and services reach a mass audience. Together with PICNIC, the Dutch Postcode Lottery started this competition in 2007.