At Microsoft, our mission and values are to help people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential.

We focus on people-centered, social experiences that push the boundaries of technology in ways that matter to people. Our big bets on great technology (NUI, Cloud, and Smart Devices) will help people enjoy experiences today and shape new and exciting possibilities of what technology can deliver tomorrow. We’ve built deep integration between devices, content and services, using the cloud to power person-to-person interaction through voice, images and text. By bringing together the PC, Phone and the cloud, we’re giving consumers amazing experiences that let them create, connect and share the content that matters most to them.

We believe technology has the power to transform lives for the better and Microsoft seeks ways to have this transformative impact in reaching a sustainable future. Armed with a diverse group of world-class talent deeply motivated to change the world, we feel we have a unique approach to creating and delivering new products and new technologies. An extensive partner ecosystem and deep partnerships with industry, academics, governments and international standards allow us to push the state of the art and have a broad impact.

Developing new ideas and technologies that will someday change the world is deeply woven into our DNA.

Will you join us?