Set up like a farmer's market with a unique PICNIC twist, the Marketplace is where creative and innovative small businesses can showcase their talents at PICNIC Festival 2011.

Meet the 2011 Marketplace participants...

Organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Syntens together with KansenKanon and Mediaguild, The Marketplace is taking place for the 6th time during the PICNIC Festival. This year's participants come from a wide range of sectors, but they all want to contribute to building a better future together with the rest of the Festival attendees. Each day, 25 different exciting small companies will be showing their skills at the Marketplace.

From amazing animation projects, and serious(ly fun) games, to human-powered ice cream makers and sneakers that grow flowers, the companies at the Marketplace are sure to get you inspired.

We can't wait to meet all of this year's participants in person, but until then, take a look everyone participating in the 2011 Marketplace and learn more about what they have to offer!