Rupert Turnbull, Publisher of WIRED UK, will talk at PICNIC about the future of publishing and on knocking down walls and shifting perceptions.

Meet... Rupert Turnbull, Publisher of WIRED UK ...

How are you involved in promoting the concept of "new ownership: the shift from top down to bottom up"? What specific projects are you working on that relate to new ownership?

I’m very interested on this topic – both from a personal and a professional perspective. It seems that every day another area of life is opened up that allows me to take more control. And at WIRED it is particularly resonant. We are the start-up within – we are knocking down walls and shifting deeply entrenched perceptions. We are the annoying “bottom” that is making a lot of noise and the “top” seems to be listening – the ideal combination.

What companies or organizations do you think "get" new ownership and are at the forefront of this mega trend in terms of their products, services, experiences and business models? Why have they been successful?

I am impressed with Telefonica and their Wayra initiative – a great example of a big organisation thinking in a “new ownership” way. Burberry are also doing some good work in harnessing the community within their business to harvest new ideas and new thinking.

Why did you agree to speak at PICNIC? What are you hoping to bring to the event? What are you hoping to get out of participation?

I have always heard good things about PICNIC but never been myself – so agreeing to speak was a good excuse to go! I also believe that the story of the journey I have been through/am still going through at WIRED from traditional print magazine publisher to multi-platform brand director could be instructive to others setting out on a similar journey.



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