Ronald will be speaking about Society 3.0 as well as networked organizations and the innovation possibilities they create.

Meet...Ronald van den Hoff, Co-founder,

If you have to pick only one trait or characteristic that distinguishes innovative companies, what would it be?

An innovative company can be recognized by minimal hierarchy, openness and/or a disruptive concept.

What companies do you most admire and why? 

Some nice companies are Fast Moving Targets (innovative, experimental, no control but a strong vision/philosophy). An example is Zipcar, one of the first concepts where user access is more important than possession. All low cost carriers (Air Berlin, Ryan Air, EasyJet) are the representatives of a whole new disruptive industry.

What's the biggest mistake companies are making which is preventing them from innovating effectively?

Trying to stay in control of certain processes and trying to 'budget' everything.

What is the favorite innovation project that you have worked on? Why does is stand out?! We started from scratch with just a philosophy and we are reinventing ourselves permanently. We experiment like crazy with our concept, social media and community management. 

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