Jay will be co-facilitating the Innovation Strategy workshop during the PICNIC Innovation Mash Up.

Meet... Jay Grossen, Creative Director, frog...

If you have to pick only one trait or characteristic that distinguishes innovative companies, what would it be?

Being uncomfortable. Companies who keep questioning their place in the world and challenge their impact to it, willing to push into new areas of products and services. The challenge is what you keep and what you leave behind.

What companies do you most admire and why?

Companies that have moved beyond the marketing campaign and have strived to create new brand experiences and positive behavioral change – think Nike, with Nike+.

What's the biggest mistake companies are making which is preventing them from innovating effectively?

Seeing one product as the savior of the company. Consumers are now expecting a thoughtful combination of products, services and experiences, an ecosystem.

What is the favorite innovation project that you have worked on? Why does is stand out? 

A 'healthy home' program. A consumer packaged goods company asked us to do in-home research on where people perceive their homes to be the most dirty. From the research, we helped them envision new floor and air testing as well as cleaning kits and services. 

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