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Meet...Gustav Anker Sørensen, Managing Partner, Trivium...

If you have to pick only one trait or characteristic that distinguishes innovative companies, what would it be?

Ability to focus and shoot down ideas early.

What companies do you most admire and why? 

Apple because they are able to re-define the ecosystem in which they are working and implement it. They are focused on the customer experience to an extreme degree.

What's the biggest mistake companies are making which is preventing them from innovating effectively?

Lack of leaderships commitment. Lacking ability or commitment to build a view of the future. 

What is the favourite innovation project that you have worked on? Why does is stand out? Briefly describe the innovation process used.

I co-headed a project in which we developed a totally different approach to IT development and  business development in a major Danish Bank. We did so in a short time. It was totally different and not least, it worked. We worked with a timebox principle where you had to show results at max in 3 months’ time. We had a lean governance structure where the sponsor had the power and was directly responsible for the results. 

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