Abby will be co-facilitating the Innovation Strategy workshop during the PICNIC Innovation Mash Up.

Meet...Abby Godee, Executive Strategy Director, frog...

If you have to pick only one trait or characteristic that distinguishes innovative companies, what would it be?

The ability to take decisions and willingness to question the status quo in their way of working. Making sure to seize opportunities and let the organization address the challenges without getting in its own way.

What companies do you most admire and why? 

Hundreds of companies that are actively searching for ways to reinvent themselves beyond their industrial reliance.

Organizations that are willing to understand how they can become more relevant to their customers through partnerships and the creation of meaningful services.

What's the biggest mistake companies are making which is preventing them from innovating effectively?

Short-term decision making and a lack of commitment or patience to see the process through. On the other hand, teams need to be more mindful about setting up and satisfying meaningful metrics along the way.

What is the favorite innovation project that you have worked on? Why does is stand out? 

I think that one of my favorite innovation programs was one of my first. We were asked by a major cereal manufacturer to 'reinvent breakfast'. It was a wonderful opportunity to rethink one of the most ritualized aspects of our society. We embraced primary design research as well as extensive secondary cultural and market research to identify patterns of behavior that pointed to unique opportunity for our client.

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