Mark Rolston talked about "Building the Meta-City" and Beth Coleman presented the 9 Principles of Transmedia Design in "Hello Avatar".

First two speakers of Day 3...

In Building the Meta-City, Mark Rolston conveyed ideas about how human interaction with computers is changing. We will shift from giving input to computers to becoming real-life computers ourselves as Rolston said: "We are becoming the computer". Humans will be sensors that exchange their information with virtual system which will turn it into a "new-real". It's hard to turn his vision into text so watch the next video which will give you an idea.

Beth Coleman set us to think about how socialmedia and applications (Facebook, Foursquare, Skype) are creating a certain co-presence. You don't have to be everywhere anymore when you have friends or colleagues who can visit an event for you and let you take part in it with these new technologies. The other side of the story was that people can follow each other where-ever they go, and how can and should we control this? 

At the beginning of another sunny PICNIC'11 day we are already feeded with a lot of thoughts and ideas about modern technologies changing our urban experience.