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Marina Toeters

‘If technicians and designers liquidly fuse together and start interdisciplinary projects with added benefits to society, fashion will become innovative again and take responsibility for environmental issues by the implementing of fashionable technology on the commercial market.’ Marina Toeters, initiator

To position the inter-disciplinary design concepts more securely in the commercial fashion world, Marina explored the gap between fashion designers and technicians. There is less fashionable technology on the commercial market because of technical, economical and acceptance issues. If fashion designers and technicians work together, these pitfalls can be solved. This seems an easy solution, but Marina experienced that it is very hard to create positive spillovers. The two groups have totally different backgrounds, study methods and references. It is hard to understand and ‘find’ each other. More technical education on fashion design institutes can change this, but also gatekeepers are needed.

While doing the master research Marina made contact with technicians and experienced working as gatekeeper between the fields of technology and fashion. She started, a platform for design and research in fashion technology. loves to expand innovative fashion by sharing knowledge. Make connections between individuals or companies, Marina Toeters initiate and motivate collaboration in fashion innovation. She works as freelance intermediary, designer and researcher for fashion and technical companies like Philips; creates concepts, presentations, brainstorm sessions and garments for example for technical companies that are looking for new application for their materials or advises designers interested in process and product innovation. Marina educates ecology and technology in different design and fashion institutes and the Technical University Eindhoven.

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