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With a background (MA) in Comparative Literature from University of Aarhus and University of Cambridge, Mads started his work life in communication, heading up international press and CEO-related press at Danish telco TDC in 2000. From here, he went on to found a mobile Internet unit in Lithuania, inventing a tradition of user based R&D that is carried on today – long before User Driven Innovation was all the rage. In 2001 he co-founded Innovation Lab, today a 40-man tech and trend scouting unit based on a vast international network. Whilst acting as CEO of Innovation Lab, Mads helped found Cambridge Wireless with Cambridge Network, a University of Cambridge institution. He holds a position as special advisor to The Tech in San Jose, California, and contributing editor to Berkshire Publishing’s Encyclopedia of the 21st century. Mads has co-authored several books, helped found a number of initiatives, incubator environments, companies and holds several think tank, columnist, spokesperson and board member positions.

He is 37 years of age, often cited expert in domestic and international media and a keen veteran motorcyclist and gourmet chef in his less than overwhelming spare time.

Mads is speaking at PICNIC Festival 2012

Launch of PICNIC Co-society & Update PICNIC Activities
Day 2, 15:45 - 17:15, Room with a View
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