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Loek Hermans

Loek Hermans (Heerlen, 23 April 1951) graduated from Nijmegen University in 1976 in the field of Political Science. During his studies Hermans worked as a Lecturer in Social Sciences and Public Administration at the School for Administrative and Business Studies Gelderland and was an enthousiastic member of the Youth Liberal Party (JOVD). He was appointed as a member of the city council of Nijmegen in 1974 and became a Member of Parliament in 1977 for the Liberal Party (VVD). From 1990 on he was amongst others Mayor of the city Zwolle, Queens Commissioner of the County of Friesland and Minister of Education, Culture and Science. Since 2011 Hermans is a member of the Senate.

Aside from his political career, Loek Hermans was chairman of the Royal Association of Small and Middle Enterprises (MKB) from 2003-2011.
Since February 2011 he is considered the leading figure in the Dutch greenhouse horticultural sector. As chairman of Greenport Holland he heads the Dutch association of organisations in horticulture & propagation materials.

“This sector is not only a strong economic player, but it provides with its wide range of horticultural products in the basic needs of a growing world population, like healthy food but also happiness. No other country in the world has so much experience and knowledge about the quality and production control in the urbanised area, taking as well into account natural surroundings and environment.
It is of great importance to an SME-dominated sector, which is also absolute world leader, to remain focussed and to create opportunities in crossovers with other sectors.
It is therefore important that business, in collaboration with knowledge institutions and government, maximize a substantive involvement at the implementation in virtually all areas within the business policy: research, education, innovation and valorisation, labor market and internationalisation. Precisely for that world position to maintain.”



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