Educators and students are invited to join this session and collaborate in designing mobile storytelling games that can be played in and outside of the classroom. 

Join the launch of the Mobile Learning Academy with 7scenes CEO Ronald Lenz...

What will participants learn from your session which they can use in their professional and/or personal lives?

Our session sees the launch of our new educational initiative - the Mobile Learning Academy. It was set up to help educators in universities, colleges and schools create educational programs that integrate mobile games. Games that will turn a student into a historical expert, neighborhood journalist, environmental scientist or urban planner.

Participants will be given the guidelines on how to design these games, the tools to create them, the apps to play them and the methods they will need to implement them. Participants will leave our session knowing why mobile learning is important and how they can use mobile games to transform education.

What 'new ownership' trend will your session explore? Why is this trend important?

The Mobile Learning Academy addresses how we can transform education to make learning a more personal and authentic experience for students. Students today can learn anywhere, at anytime using their smart phones. Educational Institutes need to develop their methods to facilitate this kind of learning and so the Mobile Learning Academy offers educators the tools to create mobile educational games that students can access both inside and outside their classrooms. But this is only one side of the game: students learn from educators, but can also design their own education as they learn how to deign their own games. This way, education is shaped more and more by students themselves, thus taking control over their own education.

What will participants do during your session?

After officially launching the platform, we will host a workshop wher we will brainstorm with participants to come up with some concepts for educational mobile games. Using the mobile gaming platform for rapid prototyping, participants can experience the tools hands-on. After our two hour session, participants will even be able to play their own personal games using their smartphones!

Launch of the Mobile Learning Academy

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Ronald Lenz, Co-Founder and CEO of mobile storytelling platform 7Scenes



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