The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge returns to PICNIC Festival once again, bringing along the world’s leading entrepreneurs combating climate change.

Introducing… The 2012 Green Challenge Finalists!...

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We’re delighted to reveal the six 2012 finalists – selected from 509 international submissions!

The 2012 Green Challenge finalists are:

Nick Gerritsen (New Zealand): CarbonScape
CarbonScape uses efficient industrial microwave technology to transform waste biomass into high-grade materials that replace fossil carbon. Its low-cost, carbon-neutral products include green coke, activated carbon, biochar and graphite.

Molly Morse (United States): Mango Materials
Mango Materials uses bacteria to turn methane into biopolymer granules, a type of biodegradable plastic that can be used for consumer products and packaging, as well as construction and agricultural materials.

Robert Schwemmer (Austria): Naporo
Naporo makes biodegradable building insulation from cattails. Its products reduce buildings’ energy use while capturing and storing CO2 within the material’s fibers.

Orapin Sinamonvech (Thailand): Kokoboard
Kokoboard buys agricultural waste from farmers and turns it into particle board. The product eliminates CO2 emissions by offering farmers an alternative to burning waste while increasing their income.

Daan Weddepohl (Netherlands): Peerby BV
The Peerby app and website enables consumers to rent goods from people nearby. The technology brings neighborhoods together while reducing the need to purchase new products that are only occasionally used.

Stig Westling (United States): Skip To Renew, Inc.
Skip To Renew makes petroleum-free, non-toxic, biodegradable industrial and mechanical lubricants from renewable plants and algae. The company currently sells a bicycle chain lubricant and is developing a new hydraulic fluid.

Vote for your favorite finalist!

This year, the Green Challenge will award its first ever audience prize. Vote for your favorite finalist until Monday 17 September on the Green Challenge Facebook page. The winner will be announced at PICNIC Festival 2012. Voters will be entered in a prize draw to win one of 25 copies of the book "Screw Business as Usual", written by Sir Richard Branson.

Green Challenge at PICNIC Festival 2012

Meet these inspiring entrepreneurs and hear them pitch their business ideas to a professional jury at the Green Challenge Deciding Round. Both sessions take place on Monday, September 17th at PICNIC Festival 2012. Then witness the nail-biting Green Challenge Award Ceremony, where the three prize winners will be named. The grand prize winner is awarded €500,000, while the two runners up each receive €100,000 to make their business ideas a reality.


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