Introducing PICNIC Stories...
A new way to share, connect and get inspired — PICNIC introduces: PICNIC Stories
With the introduction of PICNIC Stories, PICNIC goes beyond the event. Like the festival, PICNIC Stories is all about sharing: inspiration, new ideas, different opinions, and knowledge. Built around content gathered by PICNIC, pieces composed by the PICNIC audience and supported by professional content partners we are creating a place that invites participation and sparks conversations.

We kick off with:

• Chroma, an installation and interactive ecosystem designed by a collective of five (including a frog) by frog

• The video documentary “1+1=11” on aid effectiveness and 22 African grassroots NGO’s by What Took You So Long Foundation

• A contribution on the myriad opportunities of Hong Kong by Dutch designer David Wieland

• An article on the role of temporary ruins in urban environments by Buro Stek

• A photo documentary on “Vinkega”, a Dutch Village, its residents and changed perceptions by Marije Kuiper

• The iamoneworld solar mobile and a short documentary on its maiden trip by iamoneworld

• A selection of pictures from the book "Heart of Borneo" by Dutch photographer and designer Jonne Seijdel


Enjoy diving into Stories, contributing, sharing, and regular updates to come!