Postcode Lottery Green Challenge selects six finalists to compete for the grand prize of €500,000! Find out which green business plans made the final cut.

Green Challenge: 6 green ideas competing for €500,000 revealed!...

Last year's prize winner Scot Frank, inventor of SolSource. Watch his pitch at PICNIC Festival 2010.

On 1 September 2011 the Postcode Lottery announced the six sustainable entrepreneurs in the running for the €500,000 Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2011 grand prize. A preliminary jury today chose the finalists from 717 entrants from around the world who sent in business plans for CO2-reducing products and services.

On 15 September, one of them will win this money to help bring his or her product or service to the marketplace. In addition to the grand prize, the jury will award a total of €200,000 to one or two runners-up.

The six ideas to move the world toward a sustainable future are:
  • Peter van Dommele (49, Netherlands), whose 4-D Kameleon system of rotating cartridges can be installed on building surfaces to absorb solar energy, collect rainwater, reduce CO2 and display messages
  • Eden Full (19, Canada), whose SunSaluter, a $10 bamboo and metal rotator, boosts solar panels’ effectiveness by 40 percent by tilting them toward the sun
  • Svante Bengtsson (40, Sweden), whose Rehact cooling, warming and ventilation system for buildings cuts energy use by 85 per cent by transferring air between inside and outside
  • Andreas Zachariah (40, United Kingdom), whose smartphone app Carbon Diem detects the user’s mode of transport, calculates CO2 emissions and suggests alternatives, raising travellers’ awareness so they can alter their behaviour
  • Marjolein Helder (28, Netherlands), whose natural electricity-generating system Plant-e uses electrodes to harvest continuous power from live plants grown in a bed of activated carbon and water
  • Nick Christy (39, Australia), whose Water Recycling Shower cuts water and energy use and costs by 70 per cent without sacrificing enjoyment or hygiene by heating water as needed and sterilising it before reuse. The Final Round

On 14 September 2011, the finalists will present their ideas before an international jury and the public during the Green Challenge Deciding Round. On the basis of these presentations and subsequent private interviews, the jury will choose a winner and announce his or her name at the Award Ceremony on 15 September. The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Deciding Round and Award Ceremony will take place at the PICNIC Festival 2011. The Deciding Round and Award Ceremony will be streamed live at

The Jury

William McDonough will serve as this year's honorary Postcode Lottery Green Challenge jury chairman. The sustainable building and production guru was named a Hero for the Planet in 1999 by the US magazine Time and has received numerous other prestigious awards. With the German chemist Michael Braungart, he cowrote the visionary 2002 book Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things. The other jurors are Liesbeth van Tongeren (Dutch MP, GroenLinks party), Marty Pickett (executive director, Rocky Mountain Institute), Marieke van Schaik (managing director, Dutch Postcode Lottery), Kofi Nketsia-Tabiri (Founding Director of Patient Capital Partners Ltd.), Jim Walker (co-founder and chief operating officer, the Climate Group) and Steve Howard (chief sustainability officer, IKEA).