If you could invent anything to improve your city, what would it be?

What's one thing you arrange online in your city today which five years ago you did in person?

What do you consider to be a beautiful city, and why?

Get interviewed about Urban Futures with Shoudio...
Make sure your voice is heard by claiming your spot on PICNIC Inspires, a location-based audio exposition. We've partnered with Shoudio, the location-based audio platform, to explore the Urban Futures themes at PICNIC Festival 2011, and we've got a few questions for you.

Even if you are unable attend the festival this year, you can join in and help us explore the issues of urbanization that will transform our world in the coming decades. This guarantees you will be part of the conversation at the festival next week. And you'll earn a PICNIC Club badge for taking part! 

Ready? Let's get started with your inteview!

At this year's PICNIC Festival 2011, attendees can explore the audio exhibiton, using the Shoudio app, scanning QR codes on site, or listening at an audio station with headphones provided by WeSC. Download Shoudio for both iPhone and Android.