During PICNIC Festival 2012, TNO hosted a workshop which taught participants how to use gamification to change behaviour and address wicked social challenges such as obesity, energy over-consumption and vandalism.

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Workshop Report

Our society is facing major challenges such as obesity, energy over-consumption and vandalism. These challenges could be addressed through complex governmental programs. Or we could try something entirely different. We could directly engage the people who are experiencing these challenges in their daily life to change their behavior. Not by being formal and strict but by gently guiding them in the right direction when they make the choice to grab another cookie, forget to switch off the light or start smashing down a bus shelter. To help them make better choices and to put a smile on their face, the key is gamification or the use of gaming elements in daily life.

TNO hosted a gamification workshop, A Life Less Ordinary - Suddenly Making a Serious Difference, during PICNIC Festival 2012. Participants jointly designed gamifications for societal challenges based on TNO's gamification triangle. (See graphic.) This triangle shows the three elements that are vital for a successful gamification: the domain (what are you designing? for whom? in what context?), the human factors (what fits your goal and target group?) and the technology (how do you integrate means and goals in a gamification?).

In just one hour, participants solved three major societal challenges using the gamification triangle principles. As a solution for street refuse, the first group of participants came up with with a credit system that rewards youngsters with free wifi credits when they throw garbage in the bin. Debts will soon be history with the color changing credit card of the second group. They designed a credit card that changes from green to red based on the owner's financial health. The last group addressed smartphone addicts that text while driving by providing befriended smartphone addicts with discounts on face to face social activities for every time they do not use their smartphone while driving their car.

What societal or personal challenges are you currently facing? We would be glad to help you gamify life!

Report by Ottilie Nieuwenhuis, Arjanna van der Plas and Hester Stubbé of TNO

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