On June 14th, Paris and its surrounding region became the inspiring venue for Futur en Seine, a 10-day international digital innovation festival. PICNIC was there.

Futur en Seine report...

The festival’s program includes lectures, debates, workshops, exhibitions, performances, a SME exhibition and festivities which were open to business and government professionals and the general public. Deborah Carter, PICNIC’s Director of Sponsoring and Partnerships, was there at the CENTQUATRE venue to attend sessions, meet inspiring French entrepreneurs and further develop partnerships with innovation-focused associations in Paris and the EU.

Festival Highlights

SME exhibition: Nothing beats talking to young, passionate entrepreneurs about the digital products and services they are developing. Particularly impressive was Withings, a company active in the field of quantified self. The company designs and sells products such as a Smart Baby Monitor which enables a user to monitor and interact with a baby via smartphones and a blood pressure monitor and related app which enables people to display blood pressure results simply and create a history of results to detect trends.

European Street Design Challenge: The Challenge brought together teams of young creators from Austria, the Netherlands, Great Britain, China and Paris who developed solutions for increasing a sense of community, citizenship values, social cohesion and civic participation. Facilitated by PICNIC's good friend, Andrew Bullen, the teams focused the Seine-Saint-Denis neighborhood of Paris which comprises the upcoming Condorcet Campus, the largest university of social sciences in Europe. It was fascinating to eavesdrop as the teams engaged in mind mapping and prototyping activities and analyzed the conversations they held with people in Seine-Saint-Denis.

European Brokerage Event: This info session/matchmaking event promoted initiatives such as Eurostars, which solicit new ideas for EU projects, showcased several European initiatives and provided individual countries with the opportunity to introduce their digital clusters. The presentations by Veronica Buey from Madrid Network and Michael Noble from Momentum (Northern Ireland’s software and ICT cluster) gave a good overview of what’s happening in some of Europe's hot markets.

Overall, a great festival experience. Thanks to Nadia, Patrick, Marion and the rest of the Cap Digital team for organizing an amazing and professional event. PICNIC looks forward to showcasing French innovation during our events and strengthening our strategic collaboration with Cap Digital!

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Deborah Carter, PICNIC’s Director of Sponsoring and Partnerships



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