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Full Crate

I bring beats for the PICNIC at night party

Full Crate is on the forefront of Dutch progressive electronic music. Also the Red Bull
Music Academy acknowledged his talents and invited him to come together with
likeminded people for two weeks worth of recording sessions, lectures by musical
luminaries, and unforgettable late night jams (only 60 artists worldwide has received
this invitation).

Since the buzz, which started in 2009 with his independent free release of “She was
Fly” Full Crate has worked with artists like Eric Roberson, AB (Black Milk), Ntjam
Rosie, Daru Jones, Jesse Boykins III and made remixes for Chris Turner and Steve

In 2011 Full Crate has performed at sold out venues from New York City to London
alongside vocalist Mar (Full Crate and Mar has been friends since high school) The
ongoing buzz has fans salivating for new music. Worldwide, people are looking for
new music from this talented producer. Full Crate fulfills this need, but maintains
something that is entirely new, while not recycled.

Full is speaking at PICNIC Festival 2012

PICNIC@Night by SXSW, Location: ClubNL
Day 1, 21:00 - 01:00, Arena

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