The six finalists of the Vodafones Mobiles for Good Challenge have been revealed! The winners will each receive 40,000 euro, office space in Amsterdam and professional coaching to accelerate the launch of their concept into the market.

Finalists for the Vodafone Mobiles for Good Competition...

The six finalists are:

In the Self Management Category:

  • The Amplino App, is a mobile testing device that can detect malaria in pregnant women in developing countries. The devices can be linked and therefore map out in which part of the country malaria is most prevalent. This in turn can lead to better education and distribution of drugs.
  • A game for young people with autism, which was developed by the Dr. Leo Kanner House. Young people with autism often have trouble planning and executing tasks, and learning sufficient skills that enable them to live independently. Parents spend more than 1,000 hours of additional guidance on these young people. This serious game boosts skills development, leading to more independence.

In the Smart Accessibility Category:

  • An exercise app for people who’ve suffered a stroke, developed by the Hoogstraat Rehabilitation Centre. This app encourages patients to do their physical exercises so they can go home sooner and live more independently.
  • The Speech Assistant App, developed by A-Soft, is an app designed to communicate with people who have difficulty speaking but can read. The app can define a set of words which become visible immediately as buttons on the screen. By touching words on the screen, sentences are formed quickly and easily. With the 'text to speech' button, the formed sentences can be converted into spoken language.

In the Healthy Ageing Category:

  • The Healthy Life Lamp, developed by the Glimworm (Glow-worm) company, is a lamp with sensors that detects motion in an elderly person’s living room. The lamp sends a push message to the family when there hasn’t been any movement for a long time.
  • The Hospitality App, by the dr. Marlies Schijven of the Amsterdam Medical Centre, is an app which allows an elderly person to be accompanied by a student assistant to and during a consultation with a doctor. The patient then has a less stressful walk through the hospital, is able to follow the consultation better, and can ask questions about the provided information afterwards.

 Join the Vodafone Mobiles for Good Award Ceremony on September 18th at 17:00 during PICNIC Festival 2012.



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